Becoming an Elementary District Director

The IASC Elementary Division Executive Committee shall consist of 6 elementary level student council advisers representing the 6 IASC Geographical Districts.  These 6 advisers shall have the title of IASC EL Division District Director.  The “West” Districts’ Directors shall be appointed in odd number years. The “East” Districts’ Directors shall be appointed in even number years.  The term of service is 2 years; these being July 1 – June 30, the IASC fiscal year.
District Directors are essential for the delivery of IASC program. 
Three (3) District Director positions are open each year.  The West Districts (North West, Central West and South West) are open in odd number years.  The East Districts (North East, Central East and South East) are open in even number years.  The position has a two year term of service. 
In 2021 we will secure the District Directors for all West Districts.
In the event that there is no District Director candidate, IASC Officials may secure the District Director.

Submit the Nomination Form on or before February 15, 2021 with all the requested information & signatures.

Nominated candidates will be reviewed by the EL Div. Associate Director and/or the IASC Executive Director in collaboration with additional IASC officials.

Selected candidates will be notified of his/her appointment.

The new District Director will begin his/her term of service of July 1.