Becoming a HS District Representative

The IASC High School Division Executive Committee shall consist of 6 high school level student council advisers and 12 – 18 students representing the 6 IASC Geographical Districts. 

Each year the HS Division elects students to serve as District Representatives.  Six (6) student representative positions are open for a two-year term, one in each of the six (6) IASC Geographical districts.  These student candidates must currently be a freshman or sophomore and must have attended one of the following IASC events/programs prior to his/her candidacy:  1) HS Division State Convention; 2) HS Division Representative Assembly; and 3) Summer Workshop/Camp.

Each member school may nominate only ONE student.
These students are charged with the following responsibilities: 1. To represent all member schools at all HS Division Executive Committee meetings throughout the year; 2. To work with the other Representatives in planning and participating in all IASC Programming; 3. To assist in planning and participating in the Annual State Convention; 4. To assist in planning and participating in the District Workshops 5. To serve on at least one sub-committee of the Executive Committee; 6. To attend the IASC Summer Workshop/Camp; & 7. To attend a multi-day planning retreat during the summer.

Qualifications To Become A Candidate Nominee

Must be a member of your student council.

Must be a freshman or sophomore.

Must have attended following his/her 8th grade year one of the following IASC events/programs prior to his/her candidacy:  1) State Convention; 2) Representative Assembly; and/or 3) Summer Leadership Workshop/Camp.

Nomination/Candidacy process

Submit the Nomination Form on or before March 1, 2022 with all the requested information & signatures.

Along with the nomination form, each candidate should include letters of recommendation from his/her principal & the student council adviser or another teacher in his/her school.

Attend the candidate interviews on April 2, 2022 in Indianapolis (Site TBD).

Following the interview, the Election Committee will identify as many as 2 successful nominated candidates per district whose name will appear on the official ballot at State Convention.

At State Convention, each candidate will deliver a speech advocating his/her candidacy, not to exceed 3 minutes, to all of the delegates gathered.

Delegate schools will vote.

The new District Representative will be identified at the close of State Convention.