David Pfaff - 2010


Administrator of the Year


David Pfaff
Eastern Hancock Middle School

Each year, the Indiana Association of Student Councils chooses an outstanding middle school administrator to be named the IASC Middle Level Administrator of the Year.  Students, advisers and teachers are allowed to complete a nomination form to honor their administrator.  These nomination forms can be found on the IASC website, www.iasc.us.  Next year’s forms will be available in August so all of you should consider nominating your administrator for next year.

Although many deserving principals in our state could be chosen to receive this award, it is my distinct pleasure to make this presentation to the Principal of Eastern Hancock Middle School, Mr. Dave Pfaff.

Mr. Pfaff has been the principal for Eastern Hancock HS for 22 years.  Prior to becoming the principal, he was a social studies teacher, a high school coach and was the adviser of numerous activities.

Each year, Mr. Pfaff supports his student leaders as they develop and plan new and creative projects.  He attends the class competitions and cheers on the students as they compete in the fun.  He truly enjoys watching the positive outcome of these events.  He chaperones dances and is visible at all student council events.  Mr. Pfaff offers financial support for his students to attend leadership camps and training.  Many EHMS students go onto be outstanding leaders in high school and even at the state level due to his undying support.

His student council advisers, Mrs. Lightcap and Mrs. Flood, have this to say about Mr. Pfaff,  “Mr. Pfaff’s open door policy and approachability make it very easy for our student to initiate planning conversations with him.”  His student council president, Hallie Wright believes Mr. Pfaff to be a great role model.  She says, “Mr. Pfaff has taught us many skills we will use later in life, like how to take care of our school/work environment, how to respect our teachers and how to balance school work with extra-curricular activities.”  She also believes he takes care of all problems at the school and does not ignore them.  Finally, she believes Mr. Pfaff has a great sense of humor “that makes student laugh and have fun, which is very important because nobody wants to have a principal who is serious all the time.”

Finally, Mr. Pfaff has a strong endorsement from his superintendent who appreciates his presence and leadership at many school events.  Superintendent Harris says, “while this may not seem unusual for many building principals, what sets Mr. Pfaff above the others is that he does not do it just because his job requires his presence, but because he is truly concerned about the development of each of ‘his kids.’”

Many people define a principal as a person of importance in the school with authority and leadership.  Mr. Pfaff is much more than this simple definition.  He shows compassion for his school, is supportive of his student council advisers and has created a safe and accepting environment at his school which is much like a family.   He is truly a servant leader, and his work is a blessing to all those he serves in his school and community.

Please join me in showing our appreciation to this outstanding IASC Administrator of the Year, Mr. Dave Pfaff.

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